Our Response to Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter handwritten on plackard

Entelechy Arts’ cultural practices have grown out of the rich diversity of the communities of south-east London where our work is based. Equality of voice, opportunity and agency is integral to all that we aspire to achieve.

But we need to do more.

We will redouble our efforts to ensure that our participants, staff and Board are more representative of the wider communities that we serve.  We will ensure that our work contributes to wider anti-racism actions with our broader communities and wider society.

Specifically, we undertake to accelerate steps to ensure that:

Black, Asian and ethnically diverse voices continue to be woven into the stories and experiences that we share with each other and our wider communities

Our Board of Trustees better reflects the diversity of our society

Our recruitment processes more effectively ensure that Black, Asian and ethnically diverse professionals are represented within all of our creative and managerial teams

Ensure that Black, Asian and ethnically diverse voices have a central role to play within our developing actions to ensure distributive leadership across the company; that the ways, means and languages that we use to reflect, think and grow our practice are inclusive and reflect to complex diversity of contemporary society.

Our Equalities Action Plan will be updated and published on our website to show our aims and plans to make them reality in our communities.

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