A whimsical epic story from AJ zooms 

A whimsical epic story – seeing what happens when we string a few elements together from our AJ zooms 

In the distance, a bell was heard 

Bells inspired by Lucy 

There was a ship with red sails on a stormy sea 

Inspired by Bobby -storm, falling, sliding getting lost. Image of Hong Kong ship, any wooden ships from home 

Some people were dressing up 

Hats, Wigs 

Another person was making a cup of tea 

literally, make tea 

Several people were watching, their faces up close, out of windows 

Portraits – faces close to screen. 

Drumming was heard through the forest 

Lyrical drumming, screen backgrounds green and foresty 

Exotic creatures appeared on the branches 

Group faces and hands poses 

A woman calls to people across the mountains 

Suzi calls and we respond 

The exotic birds call 

Suzi’s vocal dots 

…and Ireena inspires lights moving everywhere 

Fracturing light objects close to camera 

The red sailed Hong Kong boat picks up Bobby’s dad and rescues Roly and Lee 

Red boat with Lee and Roly falling and flailing in the sea or the air or anything 

A welsh dragon jumps from Ryan’s teacup whilst Lizzie laughs 

And 4 people brush their hair and put on makeup with the wigs and hats 

Lucys hairbrush 

For a party…… 

Miniature disco ball and Merlin drums 

We dance…. 

And celebrate with a Hong Kong hotpot communal soup 

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