Shane Waltener’s preparatory work & research for Ambient Jam

Artist Shane Waltener led Ambient Jam’s event at the Tavistock Institute Festival. in the making of a number of multi-sensory objects and props.

This research is ongoing and some of these images were taken at the event itself and have been used as inspiration during more recent Ambient Jam sessions.

How do we use this?


How do we imagine this?


How do we make an entrance?


How do we start?


How do we picture this?


How do we remember this?


How do we connect to others?


How do we make a full stop move?


How do we hold that stillness?


How do we play this?


How can we hear this?


How can our thoughts be material?


How can we focus?


How can we move on?


How can we reuse this?


How can we respond to here and now?


How can we divert our attention?


How can we make an entrance (again)?


How do we start (again)?


How do we leave things?

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