Tower Bridge song with residents & artists Cai Tomas and Rainer Knopp

A community folk song: Residents from Tower bridge care home have co-written the beginning of a folk- song-ode-ballad together with words by:
Winifred ( morning session)

When the rain comes,
Sometimes it just comes
I enjoy the moon, and the rain and the stars
When its bright moonlight, oh dear. (Ahhhh)

When the rain comes, get an umbrella ( ohhh, Ahhh)
Or you get wet, and soaked and its no joke. ( oooo, ahhhh)
And you go home to bed, and sleep with a man. Why not
I enjoy the moon and the rain and the stars….

Watch this space as they continue to grow this piece over the coming months, with artists Rainer Knupp and Cai Tomos.

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