A trip to… Tower Bridge!


After returning to face-to-face activities at Entelechy Arts, our first couple of Meet Me on the Move trips have involved ​organisations such as The Horniman Museum and Chelsea Physic Garden coming to meet us ​in Deptford and bringing with them interesting objects, facts and stories.

But in October, thanks to City Bridge Trust who kindly ​arranged for us some tickets, we were able to take our members to an iconic London site – Tower Bridge.

A small group of us braved the heights at the top of the bridge as we crossed from one side to the other, across a partially glass floor, while taking in the panoramic views of London and learning about the rich and interesting history of the bridge. Crossing the glass floor turned out to be an adrenaline rush for some in the group!

Once our hearts had stopped racing, we visited the original Victorian steam engine room which operated the bridge for many decades. It’s a feat of engineering that fascinated us all and some in the group could have spent all day reading about it and inspecting.

It was an exciting day for us all – to get out and about, for the first time in a long time, and experience something new. For most people in the group this was the first-time visiting Tower Bridge, and some didn’t realise it was open to visitors. We felt like tourists in our own city and got to wonder at one of its many impressive sites.

Philip sent us a lovely card the following week: “Just a big THANK YOU, for the afternoon at Tower Bridge & for caring and looking after us. I enjoyed it very much.”

Artist Shane Waltener, who accompanied us on this fun trip, made some beautiful scarves with a design including words and drawings from members. You can view his report below which includes more photos of the scarves.

Meet Me on the Move is generously supported by City Bridge Trust.

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