Notions of Home – Part 3


Touching home

My Husband was very cuddly, by Rosie Wheatland

He used to put his arms round me or touch my neck, just in passing.
He died – now there is no-one to touch or feel.
Only time is when my son comes down and he puts his arms round me.

For the last couple of weeks, I haven’t spoken or touched anyone;
it’s been me in my own bubble.

When I do the movement and theatre the touch makes me feel alive.
You’ve got a reaction from other people through touch –
just a hand on another hand.

I was always affectionate, and it feels nice.
Touch makes me feel I belong.
Now I’m on my own, apart from the cat.

By Rosie Wheatland, 2010

rosie in a bed with her eyes closed






Rosie is an Entelechy Arts artist, poet, actor and was a peer mentor at Manley Court nursing home from 2010. Image: Rosie performing in the first production of BED at the Bold festival at the Albany, 2015

Notions of Home can be viewed and downloaded here in full as a PDF

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