Sheba Montserrat

Sheba is currently the Movement Artist for Moving Day, a theatre performance ​currently being devised, and ​to be performed ​this summer by Glorious Age for Lewisham Borough of Culture.

As a teacher of dance and fitness, a choreographer, performance poet and stand-up comedian, Sheba is able to enjoy communication through her body or with words. As a dance practitioner, her chosen area of specialism is Caribbean dance.

In 1999 Sheba was one of five graduates who were the first people in Europe to gain a formal qualification in African and Caribbean dance. The diploma was facilitated by IRIE! Dance Theatre and accredited by Birkbeck University. To authentically teach Caribbean dance, it has been necessary to study Caribbean history in order to contextualize the movement and its origins. This has led to a passion for Caribbean and Black British history.

Through performance poetry and stand-up comedy, the opportunity is presented to share her social commentary, politics and insights. As a lover of people, Sheba is able to take these observations and social concerns, from the stage into workshops and debate forums, to stimulate discourse as well as to edutain audiences.

As well as producing her one woman show SHINE! Which premiered at The Bernie Grants Art Centre (2013), Sheba has also produced for the stage, Shackles, The Whip and The Drum: The Creation of Caribbean Dance (2007). In 2013, 2014 and 2015 she produced the bi-monthly events Cabaret Dingolay and Poetry loves Dance, blending a nightclub vibe with theatre. The One Drop Comedy Club (2016 & 2017) Sheba’s One Drop Variety Show (2017 & 2019) was a monthly show running seasonally from April to October and has successfully transitioned on-line during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Sheba continues to serve her community, through the performing arts.


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