Rhythms of the Day

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La la la… hello!

We are very happy to share with you Rhythms of the Day, a new creative sound project delivered to your home, designed and created by Malcolm Buchanan-Dick, Allison Walker and in collaboration with members of Ambient Jam.

During the pandemic we have been sending creative boxes to our communities to bring creativity, joy and connection. Rhythms of the Day has been designed specifically with and for people who are living with complex disabilities, visual impairments and dementia including members of Ambient Jam.

Each box is hand delivered, containing a portable speaker, USB stick with soundtracks, paper fans and set of wonderful, curious instructions! The project aims transforms our everyday environment into a playful, joyful and unexpected experience.

We currently have 50 boxes which are being delivered to our communities across South East London. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

You can hear the some of the sounds below and read about some of the suggested movements, actions and textures to accompany them.

Over the coming months, we will be recording and sending new content as the seasons changes.



Objects: Hats, fabric, fan, scarves, tinsel, faces painted on hands, sacks to climb into or pull things out of.

Actions: drawing faces, clowning, peekaboo, appearing in different hats/ scarves


A song with drumming

Objects: stick, drum, spoon, shaker, hands/feet

Actions: tapping, clapping, drumming (hands or fingers), clicking. Playing the home (surfaces like tables, counters, chairs), brooms for sweeping sounds, dustbin lids, cardboard rolls, kitchen utensils like pan lids as symbols, mugs and teaspoons.


A song featuring sounds from nature

Objects: shells, leaves, dried or fake rose petals etc. material, ivy to wear

Actions: drawing, fanning leaves, coloured feathers or flower petals or paper falling, material to echo movement of wind and sea with objects like feathers in the middle of it. Building a den with material and leaves to shelter from storms.


A song to relax and wind down to

Objects: brushes, sponges, cloths, make-up sponges, loofahs, water spray? Light-making objects

Actions: Brushing, stroking, massage, patting, circular motions on backs or in the air, drawing circles, hand massages, foot baths with flower petals, massaging with cream.

About Ambient Jam

The Ambient Jam Collective is a group of artist who have a wide range of skills and artistic experiences, many of whom have profound and multiple learning disabilities. Ambient Jam consists of weekly workshops (currently on Zoom but soon to return to meeting in person in London Borough of Lewisham from June 2021), along with special one-off public events. If you want to experience more of Ambient Jam, watch and listen to some of our Sonic Letters, created during lockdown in 2020.

If you’re interested to find out more about joining Ambient Jam, please email us at info@entelechyarts.org or call Roxanna on 07909 275282

Thank you to:

Artists and designers – Malcolm Buchanan-Dick and Allison Walker

Ambient Jam artists and co-designers— Lulu and Suzi, and their families

Audio tracks featuring – Rainer Knupp, Robyn James Clark and the AJ Collective

Postcard image (above) – Ertac Mentesh

Generously funded by City Bridge Trust (London Funders) and Deptford Challenge Trust.

Ambient Jam is made possible by the ongoing support of Trusthouse and the RTR Foundation.

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