Archive blog: Century the play (1995)


Century the play was co-written by Yasmine Judd in collaboration with the Entelechy Arts community.

The production sees a group of people travel back and forwards in time, mixing history and the future, searching for a missing bit of history in an era of computers where data has been lost.

A few excerpts taken from the Century flier describes the event in the following way:

The theatre score has been produced from text material, songs and soundscape, combined with improvised passages and a huge vocabulary of movement images. The work has been jointly created by professional and non-professional artists.

Century brings together a company of performers spanning five generations, born in every decade of this century. Many company members have been working creatively together for the last sixteen years.

Many rehearsals have almost taken the form of rites of incorporation; people challenging previously held opinions and beliefs about who they are able to work alongside creatively: in partnership community.

You can see more in the archive video below.

The photo at the top is by Phil Polglaze.

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