Making bread and soup: a trip to Made in Hackney


This is an artist report and blog by Miriam Mold for Meet Me on the Move

What was once a public toilet, nestled amongst the ancient trees of Clapton Common, Liberty Hall is now the home of Made in Hackney: A beautifully orchestrated plant-based cookery school located in the heart of a diverse and ever evolving community.

The cookery school/charity was established in 2012 and since has invited and inspired members of the local community to lead healthier and happier lives through growing, cooking and eating more plants.

The Meet Me members made the long journey up from South East London to roll up their sleeves and take part in a bread and soup cookery class.

I recognised a special energy throughout the morning, which I documented in the form of photographs and voice recordings. The extracts of conversation and shared memories became even more special than the cooking itself and so I chose to intertwine the process of cooking, with the stories that make up the lives of the members, in the form of their very own recipe e-book.

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Meet Me on the Move is generously supported by City Bridge Trust.

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