Meet Me on the Move Zine: Chelsea Physic Garden


This is an artist report and blog by Fran Riley for Meet Me on the Move

We had the joy of spending the day at Chelsea Physic Garden, where we were treated to a tour by the lovely Shivani. It was such a pleasure to join as an artist, documenting the conversations that arose as we connected plants to our lives, stories, families and cultures.

The zine aims to capture some of that sharing, and is inspired by the excitement we get when wanting to share recipes and medicine with one another. The scribbling of a note, the transcribing of an old family recipe from memory, or copying that meal and ingredients off the fridge or from the cookbook.

I hope members will connect with some of their sharings here. I didn’t add names to each one, as there were various conversations circling throughout the day that touched upon each of the plants / recipes / foods included.

Download the zine

View the flick-through version

Inspiration for the scanning method of this zine came from a postal choreography course (Letters of Resignation) I participated in, run by Chatting Tanum from Feb – Sept 2021.

Meet Me on the Move is generously supported by City Bridge Trust.

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