Poems from the Poetry & Storytelling Cluster: Midnight Sun


One of the things we enjoy the most is sharing our members’ work. Today, we’re delighted to share this beautiful poem by Elizabeth, a member of the Monday afternoon Poetry & Storytelling Cluster, describing something that nourishes her.

Midnight Sun

by Elizabeth Pollard

Snow and huskies pulling you on sledges in the sun
Or reindeer pulling you and huskies are beside you, yapping away

Midnight sun
Iceland, Faro Islands, Greenland
I used to like going there on a cruise

Slowly by the reindeer and quickly by the huskies
The dogs will lick you (they don’t like children)
The small huskies when they are born are very heavy…
When a husky lies in the snow it doesn’t melt the snow at all

Reindeers eat off your hand
But you have to be careful or they hurt you with their antlers

The sky
Is a ballet dancer

The artwork at the top is by Ertac Mentesh, a Meet Me and Ambient Jam Collective member and artist.

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