We Are All Made of Stars


In June 2022, Meet Me on the Move members took part in LOSS AND FOUND, a workshop on climate grief by Dissonant Futures collective. Artist Bernadette Russell shares a creative report of that experience.

I joined the wonderful “Meet Me At” group as they themselves were joined by the lovely team from Dissonant Futures. The subject was Climate Change. Today was part of Meet Me on the Move, and we all found that interesting because it is often about the group going out in the world on their travels and seeing different things/having different experiences, but this time, the world was brought to us, by each other and by the Dissonant Futures team Tania, Lena & Baff.

I mostly listened, sometimes joining conversations and sometimes just being nearby. It was a great honour as always to do so. This collage of writing is my attempt to record the beautiful, interwoven, and heartfelt conversations of the group which was full of questions, suggestions, memories, ideas, and playfulness. I haven’t said who said what, because it felt like it all came from everyone, in a way, and I hope people recognise themselves each other and the beautiful spirit of the Meet Me At family.

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Or listen to the audio version of this blog and report:


Members trying Virtual Reality for the first time as part of the workshop:

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