Photos: Carnival, A 21st Century Tea Dance


Ahead of our winter Tea Dance, we thought we would have a lookback at some wonderful photos from our summer Tea dance, taken by Roswitha Chesher. 

Hosted by Kit Green, Carnival, our summer  Tea Dance was a celebration of  liberation, spiritual freedom, identity and a coming together of  music and dance. 

We had a brilliant afternoon of dancing, music, tea and cake at the Ladywell Centre with communities across all of our programmes. The event programme opened with a carnival themed parade and featured performances by the Ambient Jam CollectiveGlorious Age, the Choir and the Spitz band. The space was filled with carnival themed masks and decorations made by the Meet Me Making group. 

We will be at the Ladywell Centre once again for our next Tea Dance, Winter Light, for our last tea dance of 2023.

Photos by Roswitha Chesher. 


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