Poems from the Poetry & Storytelling Cluster: Morning


Clusters are how we are staying connected to our participants during the pandemic.

Clusters are group phone calls to landline or mobiles phones, led by an experienced artist facilitator and supported by staff and trained volunteers, for people to stay connected and create together when unable to meet in person. Each group has a different creative focus including Choir, Poetry, Movies or Craft.

In this blog series we want to share the lovely poems compiled by Annie Hayter, inspired by notes and conversations from the Poetry & Storytelling Cluster.


is a bubbling nightly. A dream of a river,
and running to the loo. Rays of sunshine
for open eyes. A leg stuck out of bed,
a stretching of arms. That stolen parrot, calling.
The front row in church. The milkman coming.
Putting your head up high. Seeing a new day,
waking up to give God thanks. A big puddle.
A house built on stilts. Squirrels on a windowsill
crying for their little ones. Listening to LBC
on the radio at 1AM. The tide coming in. Getting
up to work in an office that looks the same,
whether it’s in Guyana or England. Same desk,
same walls, same chairs. Tulips woken by the wind.
That cockadoodledoo-ing! The world changing.
A lack of respect. Porridge whistling on the stove.
Mondays are dustbins clattering. Horrid Covid tests.
You have to work at the mornings. They are vague,
when you want them to be exact. Some fly away, others nest.

(Compiled by Annie Hayter, made of words and images by Jeanie Gardner and Janet Joyce from notes from Session 3)

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