The artist experience: an audio blog by Cai Tomos

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Unintentional blogs are great – capturing something someone said on the staircase after a meeting, or a quick video taken on your mobile phone when you weren’t thinking.

The following short, unintentional, audio blog by artist Cai Tomos (who kindly gave us permission to label it ‘blog’) came from correspondence via our Whattsapp groups, between artists and the Entelechy Arts team, as artists share experience on route and between sites. This snippet of sound conveys the moment in mid-September when Cai returns for the first time to our Walking Through Walls residency at Tower Bridge care home, after lock down, and over a year of time had passed.

It is not only his first session back but his last session with this programme of work. Cai shares the emotions he feels on his walk to the care home – this sense of place forming part of our experience and preparation – with the traffic sounds of that part of London in the background.

It is a gorgeous heartfelt example of how artists feel about the work and are permanently altered by it, illustrating an often-unmonitored ripple effect where artists are like ‘bumble bees’ carrying pollens of experience and stories from one place to another.

The image at the top, taken at Tower Bridge care home, shows one of the prompt cards designed by Associate Artist Chloe Bradwell, in collaboration with Rainer Knupp, Cai Tomos and Robyn Herfellow. Click here to read more about the prompt cards.

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