21st Century Tea Dances

Entelechy Arts takes the conventional form of the tea dance and brings it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Events mix live music with video, theatre, dance performance, story-telling, dancing and singing all served up with tea and cake…

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Ambient Jam

Ambient Jam is Entelechy Arts unique programme of work with adults and young people who have profound and multiple disabilities. In these sessions, members and artists develop together ways of communication and creative expression that are predominantly non-verbal, sensory, mindful and spontaneous…

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Ambient Jam Collective

The Ambient Jam Collective brings together artists and dancers who are sensory skilled through training with people who have complex and profound disabilities who are sensory skilled through necessity…

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Artist Support and Development

We regularly support the development of artistic talent by providing opportunities, training and support for independent artists working with us, as well as artists working regionally and nationally…

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Many painted wooden fish


Clusters are group phone calls for our participants to stay connected during the pandemic. Each group has a different creative focus including Choir, Poetry, Movies or Craft…

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a fish made of wood and painted in bright colours

Discoveries in Distanced Arts

Academic research, led by Queen Mary University of London and Entelechy Arts and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), part of UK Research and Innovation…

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Glorious Age

Entelechy Arts’ theatre company, a collective of people aged 65+ who create artistic projects and performances which are courageous, beautiful, joyful and risk-taking…

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Meet Me at The Albany

Meet Me at the Albany is a special place we have created for older people to make friends, learn new crafts and feel great…

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older woman with 3D folm glasses on

Meet Me at the Movies

Meet Me at the Movies is a film club for isolated older people to meet up together and share their love of film with people of all ages from their community…

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meet me group standing waving near wall

Meet Me on the Move

Explore London with Entelechy Arts! Meet Me on the Move creates opportunities for isolated older people to explore and enjoy London’s rich and diverse cultural offer…

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Walking Through Walls

Walking through Walls is Entelechy Arts’ programme of long-term collaborations with nursing homes for residents, family, volunteers and staff…

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What Will Survive of Us

A hopeful project designed to engage people in curating their own creative history – currently in the research and development phase…

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