Ambient Jam on the Doorstep

For two weeks in June, artists and musicians paid visits to Ambient Jam members with covid-secure measures to move and create together…

Meet Me Clusters

This month, our Clusters programme relaunched into 2021, uniting groups of older adults taking part in creative activities from their own homes….

Meet Me on the Radio Season 3 launches

Listeners will be taken on a sonic journey each week to new and wonderful places with field recordings and archive material from around the globe…

A New Year Postcard

This 2021 image was created by one of our volunteers (Christine Bone) as a design for a postcard that went to all our  Meet Me At… members for the new year.

A taste of a Tea Dance on your doorstep

In the days before Christmas 2020, Entelechy Arts volunteers, artists and team visited every member with a gift box, a loving smile and often a song…

Zsuzsi Soboslay shares her thesis

Zsuzsi Soboslay is a creative practitioner. In her thesis ‘Ethical (and other) encounters in participatory theatre’ has written chapters devoted to the work of Entelechy Arts and Ambient Jam…

Ambient Jam as a Conference Case Study

Ryan Evans was a Goldsmiths Student that was on placement with Entelechy Arts. Ryan went back to USA and is now sharing the knowledge that he gained from our Ambient Jam programme in conferences…

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